123The Conservators Center Community includes a wide range of people who are passionate about our animal residents. Here you’ll find interesting stories, photos, and videos about the species and individual residents in our care. All content is provided by members of our community. Learn more about us at www.ConservatorsCenter.org.


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Our Mission
The Conservators Center reconnects people with wildlife by introducing visitors to rare, threatened, and endangered species—up close and personal. The conservancy’s animal residents serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts: You are more likely to become invested in these species after you meet them and learn about their inherent value. Looking a tiger in the eye, hearing lions call to one another, howling with wolves, and meeting a binturong for the first time will forever change your perspective. You protect what you know.


Come Meet Our Residents!

Trekkie - Suprised look - Abbie.Cooke

Trekkie Wolf. Photo by Chariot Creative.

Have you ever looked a tiger in the eye?

Felt the whole-body impact of lions roaring?

Watched wolves romp through the woods?

These and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences are possible at the Conservators Center, a haven for almost 90 wild animals with a focus on education, conservation, and rescue.

An “oofing” at the Conservators Center is an experience you’ll have to feel to believe. It’s the earth-shaking sound our lion prides make when they roar to one another. Our guides call to them on every tour, and you may have the opportunity to hear them from just 5 feet away!

You’ll also get up close and personal with tigers, leopards, wolves, lemurs, binturongs, and other exotic species.We receive no state or federal funding to transport or house rescued animals.

Ra Lion Photo by Taylor Hattori Images

Ra Lion. Photo by Taylor Hattori Images.

Tours, adoptions, memberships, and other donations support our work, so every visit from you helps us help them.

Come for a visit today, and awaken your wild side!

We are located just north of Burlington, North Carolina. Learn more at www.ConservatorsCenter.org.


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