Call of the Wild: Lion, tiger, wolf, and jungle cat ringtones from the Conservators Center

Trekkie Monster Wolf howling

Trekkie Monster Wolf howling
Photo by Kim Pyne

For those of you who have visited the Conservators Center, do you remember the first time you heard the earth-shaking sound of lions oofing or the beautiful and poignant howl of wolves? If you’re like me, it is an awe-inspiring experience that I wanted to relive and share with as many people as possible.

I met with the Conservators Center’s director of communications, Mandy Matson, who explained that the organization was putting together a new program called Partners of the Pride. This initiative will soon enable contributors to provide their professional services and expertise to further the conservancy’s efforts. This sounded like a perfect fit for someone like me who couldn’t commit to a regular volunteer schedule, but still wanted to get involved.

My professional work has centered on technology and entertainment, so my first thought was that I could help with a few digital products—like mobile ringtones—that could be an inexpensive way for people to enjoy the voices of the Center’s animals and an easy way to spread the word about the conservancy.

Matthai Lion oofing
Photo by Ron Smith

Mandy introduced me to one of the Center’s tour guides, Kevin Robinson, a designer and wildlife filmmaker. Fortunately, Kevin made professional recordings of the animals for an event last year called “Sounds of the Center,” so we were already a few steps ahead.

Kevin was incredibly helpful during the editing process, providing valuable suggestions on track choice and editing. In addition, the two of us researched ways to get the ringtones on the Conservators Center website and make it as easy as possible for fans to download them to their phones. We decided to use a third-party provider who would allow us to make the ringtones available on the iTunes App Store, which opened us up to a much wider audience.

Sahara Jungle Cat

Sahara Jungle Cat has a wild call our visitors don’t often hear
Photo by Kim Pernicka

The entire process took a few weeks (and lots of fantastic feedback from everyone at the Center), and we’re proud to announce that the ringtones are now available for download!

If you have an iPhone, you can purchase ringtones featuring our lions, wolves, tigers, and jungle cats through iTunes (search for “Conservators Center” using your iPhone). If you have an Android or Windows phone you can purchase the ringtones directly from the Conservators Center website. It’s a great way to support the Conservators Center and share the exciting experience of hearing the animals up close.

If you’d like to become a Partner by donating a professional service to the Conservators Center Partners of the Pride program, please send an email to

Wendy Russ Beasley

Wendy is a communications consultant who specializes in editing and marketing. She volunteers her skills for the Center and hopes to help out onsite in the near future.


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